Introducing the lastest electronic reading technology from Amazon: KINDLE WIRELESS READING DEVICE.
Kindle is an electronic reading device for ebooks which allows you to immediately download and read any books available from the Amazon Kindle Store. I recently purchased a Kindle for my holidays (somewhat reluctantly I have to admit as I am a great lover of the physical book), however I was amazed at how fast I took to it. So much so that I decided to prepare Kindle versions of all our books for the Kindle store, a concept I wouldn't have consided six months ago!
I love the ebook reader as I find it extremely convenient, lightweight, easy on the eyes and even though ebooks attact VAT, many of them are cheaper than the physical version of the same title. You can even download apps that allow you to read Kindle ebooks on your iphone, itouch, ipad, computer and laptop. I firmly believe it is the way we will all be reading in the future.
I have listed some of my favourite ones in the carousel above. Happy Ebook Reading!

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