Author: Janet Wood
Type: EBook
Format: Adobe pdf
Illustrations: Over 100 colour and black & White photos,plus illustrations
Publication Date: March 21st 2011
Publisher: M J Wood Digital Media
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9548049-0-9
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EBOOK CONTENTS: (printable pdf format)

Nile River Cruise: Over 65,000 words!

Looking for a travel guide that dares to be honest? Our Travel Egypt Nile Cruise book provides you with an insight into what to expect from a Nile Cruise, given from an experienced perspective that does not shy away from confronting the issues and letting you know the scams, as well as the pleasures awaiting you on your Egyptian vacation.

Unlike the cruise booklet that most Tour Operators send out with your booking, our Cruise Guide book tells you how it really is!

Our Travel Egypt books offer straight answers, with sound and practical holiday advice. This book is illustrated throughout in colour and contains, amongst other things:

GENERAL INFORMATION: Such as, medical advice, visa requirements, facts and figures, prices, boat facilities and layout, money matters, cruise schedules, safety issues, etc.

SUGGESTIONS: Such as, suitable clothing, useful Arabic phrases, local customs, local dishes and drinks etc.

PRACTICAL ADVICE: Such as how to deal with unwanted attention, intimidation and illness. Plus, extra costs involved that you are rarely told about, local scams, hassle, bartering tips, things to avoid, etc.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Such as ancient sites, reviews, entertainment, extra excursions, useful links, free downloads etc.

The book tells you how it is, without over romanticising the experience, and contains information you would be hard pressed to find in one place. A must read for anyone planning, or thinking of taking an Egyptian Nile Cruise. It is a unique guide to the 'events' of a Nile Cruise and whilst we discuss the ancient sites in some detail this book has been specifically written for the purpose of 'telling you how it is' in order to help people deal with the scams, hassle and bartering that could ruin their holiday.

The ebook has been put together from our own photographic collection, experiences and personal observations.

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